Magic Streets: GPS RPG Go Gamev1.0.78 MOD APK

Name Magic Streets: GPS RPG Go Game
Category Roleplaying
Size 278MB
Popularity 6977
Publisher Build It Games
Publish Date 2022-08-26 23:33:50
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Mod Info:

Magic Streets: GPS RPG Go Game

Magic Streets: GPS RPG Go Game Game Introduction :

Magic Streets is a classic turn based geolocation RPG game. Survive & fight with your Hero, in the streets of your own city in this location based adventure GPS game. Join a guild to enjoy the multiplayer GPS experience.

Play from anywhere:
– Magic Streets offers an endless open world full of monsters and things to explore, everywhere you go.
– Build towers to travel to other locations without moving.
– Use guild portals to travel to the location of other heroes!

Customizable hero:
– Choose your appearance, class & skills, like in classic RPG games.
– Craft your own weapons and armor.
– Pick your favorite companion.
– Equip many unique weapons, armor sets & horses.

Fun battle system:
– Unique and challenging battle system.
– Equip the right weapon for every battle.
– Go defeat monsters, dungeons & dragons.
– Rescue strangers who try to survive.

Interesting RPG geolocation game world:
– Go explore & try to survive in your city using your GPS location to find traders, resources, chest, enemies and more.
– Complete the main and sub quests.
– Use portals to travel to otherworlds or move to the location of other heroes.
– Build your own settlement which adds more strategy, and makes the adventure of your hero easier!
– Talk to strangers to get new quests or complete the monthly challenges.

– Join a guild to chat, trade and complete challenges together!

Magic Streets discord server:

Magic Streets: GPS RPG Go Game (278MB)

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