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Name Mountain trip logger Smart2
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Publish Date 17/05/2022
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Mountain trip logger Smart2

Mountain trip logger Smart2 Game Introduction :

Mountain trip logger Smart2 is an application for use from SmartWatch2(SW2), Tasker/Llama the \”Mountain trip logger GOLD\” GPS logger app.
– The use is required Mountain trip logger GOLD version 4.1
– The free version of Mountain trip logger, not supported.
– For Android Wear smartwatch, please use \”Mountain trip logger Wear\”.

** New application \”MT logger Watch Face for SW2\” has published.
Which is Mountain trip logger GOLD\’s watch face widget for SmartWatch 2.

■ What you can do
– From the SmartWatch, the start of the measurement of the log, you can stop
– You can display overlaid in SmartWatch, the trajectory and the current track log that had been pre-registered
– Start and stop logging of Mountain trip logger from Tasker/Locale and Llama and MacroDroid.
– At SmartWatch, corresponds to the arrival alarm of Mountain trip logger GOLD. I ring the vibe and you can stop alarm at SmartWatch.(Require Mountain trip logger Smart2A)

■ Watch feature can be used in SmartWatch
[An operation screen]
– In the long press, you can (STOP) (START), start and end of the log measurements.
– In the slide left and right, the screen switches to the other screen.

[Track Screen]
– Green line: The track log that had been pre-registered
– Red line: trajectory in the current record. You are here is a white circle
– The numbers in the upper left: time elapsed from the start of measurement (hours: minutes: seconds)
– The numbers below: zoom level and the distance from the left edge of the screen to the right

I can not display the map, and can be confirmed quickly, or not removed from the route the wrong way.
(If you want to see if the map, please see the Mountain trip logger GOLD smartphone mother ship)

– Press Length: read the trajectory of the latest
– Slide down: Zoom. You are here zoom in on the center
– Slide up: Zoom out
– Slide left or right to switch to the other screen

[Pace Screen]
-average speed

■ How to Register a track log
The mother ship from a smartphone, you can register Chizroid, Mountain trip logger GOLD.

Chizroid (version 7.13)
Track log list screen, press and hold the log you want to register \”Regist SmartWatch\”

Mountain trip logger GOLD (version 4.1 and above)
Measurement result list screen, press and hold the log you want to register \”Regist SmartWatch\”

■ Tasker/Locale Plugin
This application enable Locale or Tasker or Llama or MacroDroid to automatically start and stop logging Mountain trip logger GOLD.

■ Tasker event Plugin ※Require Mountain trip logger Smart2A
When the alarm start, Tasker event will be triggered.
Arrival alarm, deviate alarm, abnormal alarm.

Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

Mountain trip logger Smart2 Game screenshot :

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