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Name Widespread Augmented Reality
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Publish Date 02/06/2022
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Widespread Augmented Reality

Widespread Augmented Reality Game Introduction :

Closely resembling a FPS video game interface, W.A.R. (Widespread Augmented Reality) is a H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) that creates and shows digital markers mapped to real world points of interest (P.O.I). You anonymously create these way points by geotagging locations, such as favorite hang outs, travel destinations or a secret meet ups. Nearby W.A.R. users can interact with your geotags through their own heads up display (H.U.D.). So stop looking at your phone, but rather, look through your phone at widespread augmented reality.
1. Log in with a random, anonymous and disposable handle.
2. Geo-tag locations with a picture, message and a web page.
3. Share your handle with friends to view and interact with your geo-tags.
3. Scan the horizon with your camera to find other W.A.R. parties.
4. Remotely create geo-tags with the browser app at

1. Why not? This is way different than any other social networking tool.
2. Anonymously, overlay your own content on top of the real world.
3. Quickly answer the question, \”Where are you?\” with a geo-tag.
4. Map out a trip and create way points for your travels.
5. Add your augmented reality H.U.D. to your vehicle.
6. Float a virtual billboard above your business or hang out.
7. Find people and things at places that have no street address, think
beaches, parks, stadiums, parking lots and hiking trails
8. Coordinate group movements under a private and common handle.
9. Scavenger hunts and dead drops.

Widespread Augmented Reality is different than other augmented reality browsers in three key ways.
1. First, the geo-tagged locations and content are yours, your friends and the general public. You are not force fed commercial listings nor advertisements.
2. Secondly, you do not log in with any identifying information. Your Widespread Augmented Reality handle is anonymous and disposable.
3. Lastly, the desktop interface at allows you to geo-tag remotely and travel the world virtually.
The possibilities are endless with the ever-changing sky as the limit, so scan your horizon to see beyond your line of sight.

Widespread Augmented Reality Game screenshot :

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