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Name Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex
Category Strategy
Size 55.3MB
Popularity 2767
Publisher Hex2Hex
Score 6.0
Publish Date 10/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex The storage slot map editing function can be used free of charge.

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex Game Introduction :


Three Kingdoms game aiming for an original turn based strategy simulation system

Authentic strategy simulation game faithful to the basics, differentiated from the mass-produced Three Kingdoms game centered on excessive graphics and charging competition

Introduction and combination of person promotion system using level and experience, role-playing elements, etc.

Various person, heritage, treasure, and items appear

Application of UI/UX system optimized for mobile and touch interfaces


Strategic national management simulation

Battle play applying tactics/strategy

Hundreds of person appeared

Introduction of mission system

Various Heritage, Treasure, Item, and Marriage Appearances

Various scenarios, ruler playable

Aiming for a more improved game with motifs such as the intuitive interface of the past KOEI Three Kingdoms 2, 삼국지, 三國志, the RPG elements of Cao Cao, Duel of the Three Kingdoms 3 and turn based methods such as civilization

[National Management]

Military movement, goods transport, military management, war, personnel, diplomacy, game, spy

Various national management and governance simulations such as development, water management, material management, tax, etc.

city ​​building sim city


Strategic battle play using climate, weather, wind direction, terrain, and features

Manual, automatic, double speed function support

Hex-style multi-directional movement and various attack methods

A sense of tension and thrilling sound

Support for Duel

Battlefield treasure acquisition, fire attack, etc.


Improved battery life through efficient battery consumption by applying low-power framework architecture through mobile optimization

UI/UX system optimized for mobile devices

Optimal touch and feel

Support for low-capacity/low-spec devices

Enhanced next-generation AI

UX gesture support

Intuitive interface application

Singleplayer and multi-user support via network

Multi-language support

[More powerful features]

Users themselves edit their own battlefield map

Multiplayer over the network

Duel war


Find hidden (secret code) features

Find hidden events


If the application is uninstalled, all data including user information and payment information may be initialized.

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex Game screenshot :

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex

Three Kingdoms Hex2Hex (55.3MB)

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