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Name Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK
Category Action
Size 83.9MB
Popularity 5533
Publisher FunTown Hong Kong Limited
Score 6.0
Publish Date 12/11/2021
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Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK Game Introduction :

From Japan, 3D gentleman\’s health mobile game ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK officially debuted in Chinese version. You will become a teacher in the game, teach a number of aspiring ninja girls, for the highest honor of the endurance of the raging waves fierce fight!

[Game features]

◆ Nurture the fiercest woman with love

Develop the spirit of a gentleman and train the most powerful \”Ninja master\” team of five!

The operation is simple. One finger is used to release the cruel forbearance

Women can trigger the NEW LINK skill between each other, beauty and burst combat attack good pressure!

Dress up as your maiden at will

Maids, cheerleaders, bikinis… Hundreds of accessories for you to change, warm women endure and your feelings

Introduction to Gakuen

◇ Death Shuyue Shan Women\’s School

In order to have a prominent family background of powerful daughters accounted for the majority of the students of the super daughter school, from the Time of Antu Momoyama has been super elite school, all the students are ninjas… .

Yuizumi (Voice artist: Rami Eguchi)

Cong (Voice actor: Kim Won-soo-ja)

Ourei (Voice Actor: Naori Ishihara)

Four Seasons (Voice actor: Ainai Yamamoto)

Miyano-ri (Voice Actor: Hiromi Igarashi)

◇ National Hanzo Institute

Only a few people inside the school are aware of the fact that it is actually a ninjutsu school that cultivates outstanding ninjas for the country.

Stray Birds (Voice Actor: Hara Better Pass)

Turtle Dove (Voice Actor: Asami Imai)

Ge Cheng (Voice actor: Kobayashi Yus UN)

Ryu Sheng (Voice actor: Water Bridge, おり)

Skylark (Voice actor: Yuka Iguchi)

◇ Snake Girl School

With \”evil is more tolerant than good\” for the belief of the evil endure specialized foster organs, was originally a private school, with ya Fei as the center of the violent incident as a turning point, the system made a change, change to the secret school model to rebuild again… .

Masashi (Voice Actor: Hirata Hiromi)

Purple (Voice Actor: Yasaku Satomori)

Ji Meng (Voice actor: Chikazu Saito)

Ryobeso (Voice Actor: Nicato Yoko)

Ryoto-nai (Voice actor: MAKO)

◇ Flame Lotus

The members of the \”Flaming Lotus Team\” used to be excellent members of the \”Secret Snake Girl School\”, but because of something, they became rebellious. Led by \”Flaming\”, the five girls lived in a cave secretly, while avoiding pursuers, while moving…

C. (Voice actor: Yingli Kitamura)

Yong (Voice actor: MAO Ye Aiyi)

Shadow of the Sun (Voice Actor: Ryuko Shiraishi)

The Future (Voice Actor: Saori Goto)

Meumu Vegetable (Voice Actor)

His other

Snow not 帰 (Voice actor: A Cheng Jia Nai)

Moonlight (Voice Actor: Yoshiko Kohara)

Flash (Voice Artist: Akane Fujita)

[Support specifications]

Memory: 2GB RAM or more

OS version: Android 5.1 or later

[Hierarchical Information]

※ The content of the game involves virtual violence (battle screen), and the game characters wearing sexually-salient clothing. According to the game software grading management method, it is classified as supplementary 15.

The official website:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

\”Fan page\” :

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK Game screenshot :

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK

Ninja Master Flash Kagura NEW LINK (83.9MB)

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