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Name Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)
Category Strategy
Size 182.1MB
Popularity 6472
Publisher Keith Burgun Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/11/2021
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Gem Wizards Tactics(Free) Game Introduction :

The Business Demons have risen from beneath, and they\’re here to frack, drill, pillage and burn everything in sight! Follow the tale of young Derby Pocket, a Business Demon Intern, who discovers the dark secrets of the OMNIGEM!

Don\’t let the cute art fool you: this is a deep, complex tactics game that\’ll provide a wicked challenge for years to come!

Gem Wizards Tactics is a turn-based strategy game with randomly generated maps and complex asymmetrical factions! Designed around endless single player play, Gem Wizards Tactics has three factions each with their own unique abilities which not only combine within factions, but you can also pick up units from other factions and combine them into your army to create totally unheard of new strategies!


– Wild powers with fun and surprising side-effects! Drill for oil, which is slippery and lights on fire! Spray water around until you create new rivers! Freeze those rivers over with ice magic! Push people over the frozen ice floe, sliding uncontrollably into that hole you drilled! It\’s like a wild Rube Goldberg Machine of tactics!

– Randomly generated maps! The map geometry, enemy squads you\’re facing off, and Unit Rescue rewards are different every time you play!

– Four distinct factions with LOTS of asymmetry: the classic royal high fantasy knights of the Azure Order; the resource-exploiting, terrain-burning Business Demons, or the nature and weather-controlling Potatoes: each have their own unique playstyles and abilities. Better yet, there\’s cross-pollination between the factions, so maybe you can find some neat combo for your Azure Knights sliding over a bunch of freshly fracked oil slicks! Or, choose the Neverending Party, a raucous group of high-energy, hard-rockin\’ Skeletons!

– Twenty-six unique unit types, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique special abilities! (More being added all the time in free DLC!)

– FIVE game modes: Tutorial, Story Mode, Campaign Mode, Ranked Mode and Custom Games.

– Colorful pixel art and an original melodic soundtrack.

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free) Game screenshot :

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free)

Gem Wizards Tactics(Free) (182.1MB)

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